Dear friends!

I welcome you to the page of the International Academy of Healthy Life - the International Academy of Healthy Life.  

The very name “International Academy of Healthy Life” defines the goals of this organization.

We live in a world where many people, from small to great, need help of all kinds. At the same time, people who possess advanced knowledge and experience, are the core of modern science and medicine, are ready to share progressive information with other people in this world.   

The goal of the academy is 

  • providing advanced knowledge and experience to people who want to improve their health and the health of their near and dear ones  
  • raising the level of current and future doctors, nurses, other specialists involved in the provision of professional medical care through courses, seminars, webinars, conferences.  
  • cooperation and support of progressive specialists 
  • partnership with institutions and organizations involved in the provision of medical and other types of care.

When we talk about health, we mean not only the state of the body, that is, physical or bodily health. In a healthy body healthy mind. Conversely, healthy thinking, the ability to cope with stress, emergency situations, gaining knowledge about the structure and function of the human body, diseases and the prevention of these diseases can prevent the development of many diseases.  

The healthier a person is, the happier he feels. So much the better is his life. And not only him, but a healthy, happy person can help other people, change their lives for the better. And if the life of many people is changing, then the whole world is changing. The more healthy and happy people in the world, the more beautiful and brighter this world is. 

The goal of the Academy is to become not only a storehouse of valuable and useful information on health, but also to help the world discover talented, wise people with advanced knowledge and experience. We want to unite like-minded people. We want to give people the opportunity to feel their importance in changing this world for the better. And language, nationality, age, education, place of residence, religion are not obstacles for us - we want to unite people from all over the world.  

Although the goals of the Academy are voluminous, we have clear step-by-step plans for realizing these goals. We are not starting from scratch. On the contrary, there is already a foundation that has been laid over the course of several years of my work as a publicist, author of books and articles, video material on the topic of health, an experienced lecturer and speaker. Also, I'm not alone - I am surrounded by a lot of people who support my ideas, helping now in the implementation of a number of Academy projects. Together with my team, we unite and support a galaxy of talented lecturers and teachers.  

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We wish you all good health!

Др. Елена Березовская,

CEO and founder of the Academy